Technical aspects of vegetation control and tree risk management - Guidance and recommendations

Technical aspects of vegetation control and tree risk...

Technical aspects of vegetation control and tree risk management - Guidance and recommendations

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Ed. no.1 , juillet 2020
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    Information on this document
    This IRS is directed at those responsible for planning and implementing vegetation and tree risk management within and adjacent to operational railway corridors. It has been prepared in recognition of the wide variety of vegetation types, the management issues associated with them, and nationally and regionally specific solutions that apply to the global railway network. It is likely to be of interest to all those involved in running safe and efficient railways.
    Since the second edition of UIC Leaflet 723 was published in 2004, new methods for vegetation management and tree risk control have been developed to improve the safe and efficient operation of the railways while reducing the overall impact on the environment.
    With the objectives of reflecting the current state of the art and investigating vegetation control techniques currently employed by various UIC members, the contributions of UIC's Rail System and Fundamental Values departments via the Sustainable Land Use (SLU) Committee, which was responsible for the HERBIE project, form the basis of this new International Railway Solution.
    Vegetation management encompasses numerous competing requirements, some of which pose an immediate risk to passenger safety e.g. track stability and component durability and visibility and proper functioning of control command signalling.
    Although vegetation and tree risk management are frequently overlooked as a priority, there is a need for recommendations on management solutions that are both efficient and cost effective.
    The objectives of this IRS are:
    - to assist railway infrastructure management and staff in addressing the issue of vegetation and tree risk control on the railways;
    - to provide UIC members with a single source of information on vegetation and tree risk management;
    - to enable infrastructure managers to identify affordable and effective solutions for railway vegetation managers.



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