Stations only license updated 3 times a week

MERITS Bronze +
Stations only license updated 3 times a week
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    MERITS Bronze +

    If you only need information on railway stations updated 3 times a week, the MERITS station data license updated twice a week gives you access to station data of most of the European countries and in addition Russia and Turkey.

    MERITS Bronze consists of text files containing location data, the text files formats follow the EDIFACT standards described in the 916-1 UIC documents and according to the EUAR (European Union Agency for Railways) Technical Document B.4.

    The MERITS Bronze + data encompass:

    • Stations (70 000 stations, bus stops and ports): Station data (name and code), minimum connecting times, station location (Country, latitude and longitude)


    Considering that Raw Timetable are sent to MERITS by the relevant carriers through a separate agreement, UIC shall do its best efforts to deliver complete and qualitative data, and shall cooperate in restoring the required quality of its Product(s).
    The UIC makes no warranties concerning any data published via within the Product(s) or any MERITS data/database/ecosystem/tool, which are provided “as is.” The UIC disclaims all warranties, express or implied including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. The UIC does not warrant the accuracy, currency, appropriateness, applicability or completeness of the Product(s) or any MERITS data/database/ecosystem/tool, nor of any particular guideline, template, or continuing program, or make any representation regarding the use or the results of the use of the Product(s) or any MERITS data/database/ecosystem/tool for whichever use, treatment or purpose.
    Although UIC monitors MERITS, it cannot prevent all incidents and consequently does not provide a guarantee as to the availability of its data. The same applies in the event of maintenance: planned service interventions and service changes (particularly in the format, content or distribution method) will however always be communicated to the Data User beforehand.

    UIC shall be liable for any damages of any kind including direct, incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the license granted under the Agreement or use of the Product(s) or any MERITS data/database/ecosystem/tool including, without limitation, loss of life, physical injury , property damage, loss of data, loss of income or profit, or any other damages, losses or claims, if its liability may be proven.

    In no event UIC’s liability to a Data User or to any Third party claiming through a Data User or on behalf of a Data User shall exceed the purchase price of the Product by the Data User for the concerned period. The Data User agrees and acknowledges that this exclusion and limitation of liability are reasonable in the circumstances and that the price of the Products would have been increased if such exclusions and limitations were not enforceable.

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