Classification of lines - Resulting load limits for wagons

Classification of lines - Resulting load limits for wagons
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Ed. no.1 , mai 2019
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    The Track and Structure Sector, based on the decision of its PoSE (Panel of Structural Experts) group decided to withdraw the UIC Leaflet 700 in the latest edition (10th Edition Nov. 2004).
    However, it was also decided that its technical contents shall remain available for the UIC members in the form of a technical report.
    This report preserves the content of the former UIC Leaflet 700, whose purpose has been traditionally a reference for the UIC members to classify their lines or sections of lines into categories, which can then be used to determine whether or not wagons shall be accepted on these lines.
    As well it‘s been useful to determine the load limits, on the basis of their geometrical characteristics in terms of axle distances, mass per axle and mass per unit length.
    Thus, the technical report “Classification of lines” replaces the UIC Leaflet 700 10th edition.
    In order to use the most correct values it is also highly recommended to download and use the UIC software tool for payload limits for freight wagons ( This tool is based on the values of the EN 15528 version developed in the CEN frame of appliance with the same objectives and in force at the moment of publishing of this report. A better precision is achieved in the final calculations with the appliance of this new document and the mentioned tool compared to the already withdrawn leaflet.
    The relevant standard in the EU (European Union) and for States with bilateral EU-contracts is EN 15528. For the line categories contained in this technical report the values are in line with the ones in EN 15528, only will not be updated to future changes.

    AuthorUIC - Infrastructure Department

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