Tunnel asset Management and maintenance principles

Tunnel asset Management and maintenance principles
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Ed. no.1 , July 2020
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    The International Union of Railways (UIC) develops and distributes International Railway Solutions (IRSs) in order to help railway stakeholders achieve further harmonisation and collaboration.
    This IRS is the evolution of the UIC Leaflet 779-10 "Management and maintenance principles for existing tunnels", 2nd edition, February 2011.
    IRS 70779-10 gives essential information on tunnels designed for railway trains in order to ensure the long-term safety or to modify the operating characteristics. It describes the procedures to be accomplished and the steps to be followed to achive consistency between the different phases: assessment - diagnosis - treatment (maintenance works or other activities).
    References in the IRS to values in EN standards are intended for infrastructure managers within the CEN member states and can also be recommendations for infrastructure managers in non-CEN member states unless national or regional standards apply.
    The IRS is intended for structural experts and infrastructure managers to provide guidance for the management of tunnels during their whole lifetime. The methods described in this IRS help to assure the prolongation of the assets' lifespan, to improve the performance while maximising the availability of the lines and thus to increase the sustainability of the structures.


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