TrainDy+, how to simulate tomorrow freight trains: feasibility study

TrainDy+, how to simulate tomorrow freight trains:...

TrainDy+, how to simulate tomorrow freight trains: feasibility study

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Ed. no.1 , November 2021
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    Product Information


    TrainDy is the UIC-approved software for calculation of longitudinal forces along the train. The main characteristic of TrainDy is its ability to solve both pneumatic problems (venting of brake pipe and filling of brake cylinders) and mechanical problems (computation of relative movement between consecutive wagons).

    RUs’ needs are evolving, and so too should the TrainDy software. This feasibility study examines several development possibilities.

    RUs’ current needs can be categorised into the following groups:

    1. Reducing the green footprint of the railways,

    2. Increasing freight transport safety and efficiency,

    3. Providing a comprehensive solution for different pneumatic brake or coupling systems,

    4. Ensuring proper driving on future long freight trains with distributed traction and braking to optimise energy consumption and maintenance of couplings.


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