Technical guidelines for the use of grooved contact wires

Technical guidelines for the use of grooved contact wires
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Ed. no.1 , February 2021
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    Product Information


    Specifications of the contact wire are developed in the European Standard EN 50149:2012 and IEC Standard 62917.

    Being a complete set of specifications, and in pursuit of global consensus regarding the state of the art of contact wire manufacturing, this document does not rewrite specifications already published.

    Instead, it instructs ways of installing and performing maintenance of any type and profile of contact wire thus specified in those norms.

    This document gives insight for deliver, storage, installation and maintenance of the contact wire included in OCL systems of the following voltages:

    -1.5 kV dc,

    -3 kV dc,

    -15 kV - 16,7 Hz,

    -25 kV - 50 Hz,

    -25 kV - 60 Hz.

    It integrates in full or in part the following UIC leaflets:

    UIC Leaflet 870, Technical specification for grooved contact wires, UIC, January 1956

    It complements the following standards:

    - none


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