Railway Undertakings' Handbook for International Contingency Management

Railway Undertakings' Handbook for International...

Railway Undertakings' Handbook for International Contingency Management

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Ed. no.1 , December 2020
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    This IRS outlines the following:

    1. RU risk management preparatory measures that should be taken and that can be drawn upon in the event of an international disruption.

    2. The essential steps to be taken by RUs during an international disruption to minimise disruption to trade flows.

    3. In detail processes and procedures that RUs should take in communication with other RUs, Infrastructure Managers (IMs) and end customers.

    4. The definition of scenarios for the pooling of resources of RUs and the identification of ad-hoc risk mitigation measures that would allow such pooling in case of an officially declared "contingency case".

    It is primarily addressed to those within Railway Undertakings responsible for production, time-tabling (railway infrastructure/service facilities), resource planning / deployment (capacity, staff, rolling stock), traffic contingency management, client relations. The section dealing with pooling of resources is addressed also to RU staff dedicated to the development of new operational practices and Railway Advisory Group (Deputy) Speakers.

    It integrates in full or in part the following UIC leaflets:


    It integrates in full the following standard:

    Railway Undertakings' Handbook for International Contingency Management, Version 1.0, created by ECCO: Efficient Cross Corridor Organisation, published by UIC 17 December 2019

    It complements the following standards: 




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