Passenger Activities at UIC

Passenger Activities at UIC
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Ed. no.1 , February 2018
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    The world is changing rapidly. Railways have to adapt to new market demands and to seeing one another henceforth as "competitors". Railway undertakings still need reliable information and data on train movements, still need to develop their technological skills and remain abreast of scientific developments, and still need studies they can rely on to demonstrate the advantages of the rail sector.

    In Europe, the liberalisation process and the new prospects opening up for rail are reshuffling the sector. New forms of cooperation are emerging and are heavily impacting working processes and relationships between railway undertakings. The Passenger Forum and Department of the International Union of Railways, UIC, seek to develop cooperation via projects of common interest. This would also interest members from regions other than Europe.
    High speed/long distance and short distance/commuter services are best conceived of as "systems", the core structures of which combine a range of elements: some similar, some different. As such, each requires a specific strategic focus in order to achieve or maintain successful development in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
    Stations represent a key element in passenger transport. For customers, they are the only "gateway" to railway systems. For railways, they are sometimes the key factor in attracting (or not attracting) customers. And, quite apart from their strategic value for railway systems and customers, stations represent an important business in their own right and play a vital role in urban development. Regional and commuter rail represent more than 95% of global passenger rail activity.
    Most of all, railway undertakings will have to focus more than ever on the customer/passenger. Every aspect of the passenger’s trip (obtaining information, purchasing tickets, enjoying station services and travelling onboard local, regional, intercity or high speed trains, etc.) can be improved, and all participating railways can join their efforts towards that goal in the various working groups of the UIC Passenger Forum/Department.
    It therefore seems necessary to orientate the scope of the Passenger Forum and to work within a structure built around five areas of competence or sectors:

    • Intercity & High Speed
    • Commuter and Regional Train Services
    • Stations
    • PSG
    • Tourist Opportunities for Railways


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