Organisational and human aspects of safety at border crossings

Organisational and human aspects of safety at border...

Organisational and human aspects of safety at border crossings

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Ed. no.1 , September 2012
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    The goal of this study is to provide: • An understanding of the phenomena linking safety and variety in systems encountered by an individual staff member, by observing the way in which a worker behaves and manages these differences; • Tangible paths for action geared to reduce these risks. To achieve these two objectives, observations and analyses were made of specific types of human behaviour which occurs when crossing technical and technological, regulatory, linguistic, cultural and national “borders”, etc. This analysis also requires taking into consideration organisational aspects of the systems in question. The above analysis should go on to should provide RUs and IMs with a set of recommendations and practical means to better control the risks resulting from “errors” produced by this type of “border crossing”, while making the most of existing best practices.

    AuthorUIC - Safety Platform

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