Timetable and station data up to 6 licenses

Timetable and station data up to 6 licenses
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    MERITS Gold up to 6 licenses

    Get the most up-to-date integrated timetable and station data (best suited for distribution purposes) the one-year MERITS Gold license gives you an access to the MERITS data updated up to twice a week. Purchasing this package, you will get a discount price per license.

    MERITS Gold consists of text files containing timetable and location data, the text files formats follow the EDIFACT standards described in the 916-1 UIC documents and according to the EUAR (European Union Agency for Railways) Technical Document B.4.

    The MERITS data encompass:

    • Timetables (600 000 train services)
      • Brand codes, type of train
      • Classes, coach groups, seats, couchette…
      • Timetables (departure and arrival at stations), running periods, time zones
      • Tariffs (eg: East-West tariff…), type of reservation (compulsory…)
      • Service data and facilities: restaurant, sleeping cars, bicycle, mini bar, wheelchair, Wi-Fi…
    • Stations (70 000 stations, bus stops and ports): Station data (name and code), minimum connecting times, station location (Country, latitude and longitude)

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