Level crossings - Road signs and signals

Level crossings - Road signs and signals
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Ed. no.7 , September 2007
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    The leaflet is "for information only", it provides rules for marking level crossing towards road user by specifying road signs and signals. The leaflet is fully conform with and based on valid road regulatory documents.

    The leaflet consists of two parts:

  • The first part provides definitions, classification of level crossings and reference to the Convention on road signs and signals including supplementary European Agreement.
  • The second part prescribes rules to be applied for road signs and signals at individual types of level crossing. All European specific requirements are clearly marked. There is also an Appendix containing signs and symbols to be used at level crossings.
  • Preliminary Remarks

  • All regulations reported are for information only. Railway members which are not fully compliant with the regulations reported in point 1.3 [1] and [2] are recommended to initiate a process at national level to enlarge them in order to be compliant in the future.
  • Where a string "EUROPE" is introduced under any regulation, it indicates additional limitations or different requirements related to the regulation which apply to the European countries only (according to the Agreement [2]).

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