Key Cost Drivers in Railway Asset Management

Key Cost Drivers in Railway Asset Management
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Ed. no.1 , July 2016
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    The International Union of Railways (UIC) offers a platform for national Infrastructure Managers of railways to exchange information and learn from each other. The Asset Management Working Group (AMWG) has been established by the UIC Members to exchange experience on multiple aspects in the field of Asset Management. The Asset Management Working Group is composed of representatives of a number of railways Infrastructure Managers from different European countries. The Members and their respective roles are listed in Appendix I.
    To gain insight in the aspect of Maintenance and Renewals cost, AMWG has launched a project called KPI (Key Performance Indicators). The objective of the KPI project is twofold:
    • Objective 1: Identify explanatory factors for the differences in Maintenance and Renewals cost between Members
    • Objective 2: Identify the levers for Maintenance and Renewals cost control
    These two objectives are reached by identifying and characterizing the most significant Cost drivers that influence the Maintenance and Renewals expenditures, in short; the following mission has been assigned to the AMWG: 
    “Establish a Short list of Cost drivers for railways network Maintenance and Renewals cost supported by all participating Members.”
    This publication describes the result of the identification, mutual recognition and understanding of Cost drivers as well as the ranking of the most significant Cost drivers by the AMWG Members. 


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