Inspections of dangerous goods consignments

Inspections of dangerous goods consignments
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Ed. no.2 , January 2021
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    UIC prepared UIC Leaflet 471-3, "Inspections of dangerous goods consignments" several years ago in order to fulfil the carrier's regulatory inspection requirements under subsection of the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID). Point 5 of the IRS deals specifically with the inspections that must be conducted by the carrier upon takeover of dangerous goods consignments at the point of departure. It is referenced as "best practice" in RID The other parts of the IRS, together with the appendices, describe the procedures for exchange of information on non-conformities (RID notifications), as well as a quality assurance system for assessing the quality of inspections performed by carriers at the point of departure.

    2nd edition, January 2021, republished in April 2021 including some editorial corrections, without changes in the contents

    ISBN 978-2-7461-3051-7
    Pages 33

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