High-Speed World

High-Speed World
Format : Paper document
Ed. no.1, April 2019
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    High-Speed World invites us to discover the formidable human, industrial and technological saga that is the rail adventure of the 21st century. With each turn of the page, the reader lives the journey along high-speed rail lines across all continents, and experiences the challenges involved in the conception, design, and construction of these extraordinary infrastructures. This fine book clearly unveils the benefits and effects of these high- speed trains, and the new perspectives they create. 21 existing rail lines throughout the world are thus narrated and illustrated, inviting the reader to discover their specificities, extraordinary routes, cities and inhabitants, as well as their impact upon the population and sociology of cities, the evolution of design, and technical prowess. “Storyboards” by sketch artist, scenographer and rail enthusiast François Shuiten are featured throughout the book, underscoring the unique quality of high-speed travel and introducing an incomparably aesthetic dimension. Highlights : An unprecedented work that presents a range of 21 high speed rail lines around the world, in story form accompanied by an extraordinary selection of photos • Two authors fascinated by the world of rail • Unique drawings by a renowned graphic artist • Following the great success of the Dream Stations, the first publication from the “Around the World” collection, High-Speed World confirms Langages du Sud Editions’ unique ability talent to tell the story of the world of rail


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