Gauge changeover systems - Ecological aspects and environmental concerns

B 190 / RP 5
Gauge changeover systems - Ecological aspects and...

Gauge changeover systems - Ecological aspects and environmental concerns

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Ed. no.1 , September 2018
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    Across the world, varying track gauges hinder the rapid, comfortable and smooth transition of rail vehicles from one system to another. This affects rolling stock in both freight and passenger traffic. The need for vehicles able to operate on different track gauges has prompted the development of various solutions, such as transhipping goods, passengers changing coaches, exchanging wheelsets (or indeed whole bogies) for new ones able to operate on the other track gauge, or equipping vehicles and local infrastructure with automatic gauge changeover systems.
    Moreover, environmental protection is being given increasing priority, especially in the carriage of dangerous chemicals and liquids which are not supposed or permitted to be transhipped. The risk of damage occurring during transhipment can be reduced significantly by avoiding transhipment altogether, which is a considerable boost to the attractiveness of automatic gauge changeover technology.
    The present report describes the environmental aspects and potential risks due to irregularities involved in transhipment with current technologies.
    The present report is the deliverable from Task 5 of 5.
    This report is the output of Sub-Task 5 (of 5 Sub-Tasks in total) as part of the "Automatic Gauge Changeover Systems" project.


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