Railway Application - Command, Control and Signalling - Use of axle counters

Railway Application - Command, Control and Signalling -...

Railway Application - Command, Control and Signalling - Use of axle counters

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Ed. no.1 , August 2022
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    Axle counting systems have become an increasingly common means of train detection for many railway signalling systems, and for some are tending to become the favoured method of train detection compared with more traditional systems such as track circuits.
    This IRS replaces UIC Leaflet 790 "Use of axle counters" and sets out to specify in general terms, design strategies employed, and some factors requiring consideration when planning for the deployment of axle counting systems.
    The UIC Signalling Expert Group (SEG) has executed the work, which is a permanent expert group of the UIC RSF Telecom & Signaling sector.
    Note: IRS 70790 is based onto the UIC Technical Report "Use of Axle Counters" which contains more detailed information on this topic. The UIC SEG drew up the technical report "Use of Axle Counter" in collaboration with experts from several Infrastructure Managers (IM) and Railway Undertakings (RU). The list of participants is available on the technical report.

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