European Standard Freight Axle - ESFA 25

European Standard Freight Axle - ESFA 25
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Ed. no.1 , June 2020
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    Two harmonized axle designs are used for most European freight traffic; UIC types A and B. In recent years, various measures have been taken to improve wheelset maintenance, in response to service experience. Taking these measures into account in developing a new harmonized wagon axle promotes harmonization and effective maintenance at a sustainable cost. Furthermore, an axle suitable for 25 tonne axle loads is of benefit for the development of rail freight.

    The International Union of Railways (UIC) has therefore drawn up requirements for a new, international, harmonized and low-maintenance 25 tonne axle load axle with additional reinforcements to take operational aspects into account. Obviously, under current design rules, these new axles have a larger diameter.

    All work on designing the specifications for this axle has taken account of the following:

    - current rules (TSI regulations, CEN and UIC standards);

    - the results of recent research projects (UIC and EURAXLES projects, etc.);

    - the requirements of various European operators and associations (at national level these included VPI, DB, SNCF, SNCB, ÖBB, FS, etc. and at international level UIP, UIC, CER, JSG, etc.).

    The result of this UIC project, summarized in this IRS, is a fully TSI compliant axle with improved safety margins and lower maintenance requirements. The deliverables included are a complete drawing, axle calculations, product and maintenance requirements and a TSI certificate.


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