ERTMS Atlas 2014

ERTMS Atlas 2014
Format : DVD
Ed. no.4 , October 2014
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    The installations of ERTMS trackside and onboard are in continuous expansion in Europe and outside Europe. The development of the system in the non-European regions is of particular interest, because it clearly demonstrates the validity and attractiveness of the system even without any legal obligation to install it, as it is the case in Europe. De facto ERTMS has become the worldwide reference train control system, either entirely adopted like in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Taiwan or adapted and added to the national requirements, like in China. With the adoption of "Baseline 3" the system has made an important step forward and the set of new functions and characteristics now available, like the "Limited Supervision" mode, have provided more flexibility for the integration of ERTMS into the national networks. Strategic decisions have been made possible by those recent evolutions, like the complete migration toward ERTMS of the Swiss network by 2017. Other European countries like Denmark and Belgium have already planned the migration of their entire networks as well. [...]

    AuthorUIC - Rail System Department

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