Digital door-to-door solutions - 10 Guiding principles for railways

Digital door-to-door solutions - 10 Guiding principles...

Digital door-to-door solutions - 10 Guiding principles for railways

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Ed. no.1 , October 2021
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    Technological advancements in the field of digitisation and internet services are profoundly changing all areas of human society, it is changing our economy, our society and the relationship between the individual and the world around them.

    This technological transformation is already deeply affecting today’s transport systems and is bringing a new mobility paradigm able of guaranteeing more accessibility, better management of public space and greater environmental sustainability. Smart mobility will improve the outcomes and reduce negative effects from transport, addressing several complicating factors in the meantime.

    Rail travel and public transport must play a crucial role in this new paradigm as the backbone of an integrated shared mobility system. Rail and public transport are the most sustainable modes of transportation, for both urban and non-urban travel addressing crippling congestion, road safety and air quality.


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