Certification procedures for diesel engines of motive power units

Certification procedures for diesel engines of motive...

Certification procedures for diesel engines of motive power units

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Ed. no.1 , September 2019
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    Due to the limited market, with a few exceptions, no diesel engine is designed as a purpose-built railway engine. UIC Code defines the general conditions and methods for type approval tests; the successful completion of the test is the only guarantee for the user that an engine is compliant with railway specific requirements and with emission limits.
    This IRS defines the procedure, method conditions applicable to the approval testing of diesel engines for traction units.
    The type approval tests for new types of diesel engines intended for installation in railway traction units are defined by IRS 60623-2
    The limit values for exhaust gas emissions and the method for determining them are defined by IRS 60624.
    On completion of the test procedure, the engine shall be declared approved by the UIC for use in railway tractive units without restrictions to the area of application. It shall be guaranteed, in particular, that the engine meets current exhaust requirements.


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