Layout for electronically issued rail passenger tickets

Layout for electronically issued rail passenger tickets
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Ed. no.1 , March 2019
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    This document describes the UIC's standards and recommendations for the production of all kinds of rail passenger tickets and documents which can be used for international travels by train.

    This IRS 90918-8 is made for railway undertakings (RU), to help them to issue all transport tickets and documents on the basis of data electronically transmitted by another RU. It explains which kind of information is mentioned on a ticket or on a transport document and how the information is placed in each field of the document.

    Four ticket standards are defined in this IRS:

    • RCT2 and RCCST on secured paper
    • and A4RT on blank paper or on mobile screen devices

    The UIC defines standards for international tickets (for journeys in a foreign country or for journeys between different member railways of the UIC), whereas the CIT defines the secured paper quality and the legal aspects of the contract of carriage.

    The ticket layout and security standards were previously defined in decommissioned UIC leaflets, namely the UIC Leaflets 918-2 and 918-3.


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