Braking Problems - Assessment of life cycle costs of composite brake blocks - using the modified “FreightSimSilent” simulation tool

B 126 / DT 447
Braking Problems - Assessment of life cycle costs of...

Braking Problems - Assessment of life cycle costs of composite brake blocks - using the modified “FreightSimSilent” simulation tool

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Ed. no.1 , February 2017
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    With the homologation of LL-brake blocks, specific maintenance rules were determined to ensure the safe operation of these blocks. One of the goals of the project UIC B126.13L was to study the effect of the new maintenance rules on life cycle costs of freight wagon fleets.
    As a part of the project B126.13L, the FreightSimSilent tool was adopted to enable the calculation of the effect of maintenance on life cycle costs. The tool was tested based on validation scenarios and the FreightSimSilent tool was considered to be validated.
    The report derives and proposes intervalls for the required inputparameters that are required as input for the FreightSimSilent tool. These consist of life span of components like wheels and brake blocks, and the correlated purchase, maintenance and inspection costs. Next to that, the costs for retrofitting are an important part. Part of these input parameters were derived from available data from in-service tests that were carried out in the past. Therefore a database with in-service test data was created. Representative parameters were derived for various brake loads. With these parameters, calculations with assumed very high and very low values were made and discussed.
    The parameter sets shall be checked by the users because specific operational conditions, climatic conditions, vehicle characteristics, etc. will have influence on these values. Therefore, the user shall always check to what extent these values are applicable to his specific situation.


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