Brakes - Disc brakes and their application - General conditions for the certification of brake pads

Brakes - Disc brakes and their application - General...

Brakes - Disc brakes and their application - General conditions for the certification of brake pads

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Ed. no.8 , April 2017
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    8th edition, April 2017 - Original

    This leaflet describes the UIC railways technical requirements for disc brakes, in particular for the brake pads used on disc brakes. In writing this leaflet, account has been taken of the collected experience of the UIC railways as well as manufacturers, from both operations and relevant testing up to the date of the leaflet's publication.
    The leaflet reflects the state of the art at the time of its release. Components which satisfy the conditions of this leaflet thus provide a high degree of safety and suitability for operators.
    In order to keep in step with technical progress, the leaflet is regularly revised in the light of new findings and understanding in railway operations and technology.
    The obligation to comply with the standard prescribed by this leaflet may be defined in laws, regulations or contracts, though not by the leaflet itself.
    The group tasked with drafting and revising the leaflet nonetheless recommends it be used for the following vehicle categories.
    All vehicles operating on the conventional rail network and the trans-European high speed network:

    • whose development began after the leaflet entered force,
    • which underwent conversion requiring subsequent recertification of the braking system after the leaflet entered force,
    • for which operational, scientific or expert insights demonstrate that non-compliance with the requirements of this leaflet jeopardises operating safety.


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