An International Cross Reference of Rail Defects

An International Cross Reference of Rail Defects
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June 2003
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    Rail defects are described, and sometimes coded, in a number of documents which are in use in various parts of the world. The names given to defects, their descriptions and codes can be similar or different. The resulting uncertainty causes some difficulty when there is a need to make international comparisons of defects, their occurrence and numbers. This problem, which impedes the exchange of information and knowledge, was noted in the project’s first major report concerning the "State of the Art in Rail Defect Management" and it was recommended that an international cross reference of rail defects be compiled; in response to that recommendation the first edition of this document was published in March 2001. This second edition of the cross reference has been expanded to include defects described in a Russian "Catalogue of Rail Defects" approved by the Ministry of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation. Major defects in plain rail, which lead to cracking (normally fatigue cracking), are dealt with in detail in the cross reference and some advise on the source of information about other forms of defects such as wear, deformation, corrugations and defects in switches and crossings is also given.

    AuthorDF Cannon

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