2014 Report on Combined Transport in Europe

2014 Report on Combined Transport in Europe
Format : Paper document
February 2015
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    The “2014 Report on Combined Transport in Europe” is the fifth in this series. It was researched and prepared on behalf of the International Union of Railways (UIC) by BSL Transportation Consultants GmbH and provides a thorough insight into the combined transport industry in 2013. In addition to the market information featured in previous editions (market structure , volumes per market segment, country O-D matrix of transport volumes, market outlook), the 2014 edition of the Report includes some of the significant changes afoot in the European railway environment, such as the implementation of the Rail Freight Corridors and the revision of Directives 96/53 and 92/106 as they form a general framework which will undoubtedly enable the combined transport sector to sustain the growth it has been enjoying in Europe for the past decades. The Report also includes spotlight analyses on the development of the hinterland market and seaport activity, on combined transport terminals and on national measures in support on combined transport.

    AuthorBSL Consultants for the UIC Combined Transport Group

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