1990-2030 Environment Strategy Reporting System

1990-2030 Environment Strategy Reporting System
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September 2012
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    UIC and CER General Assemblies, in order to provide a unified approach to environmental and sustainability topics for the European railway sector, voted in December 2010 the document “Moving towards Sustainable Mobility: Rail Sector Strategy 2030 and beyond – Europe (UIC-CER 2010)“. 

    The strategy outlined in the document describes how the rail sector should be performing in environmental terms in 2030 and 2050 and it is built on four key environmental topics: climate protection, energy efficiency, exhaust emissions and noise. It sets out specific objectives to be met by 2030 and, as uncertainties make prediction for the longer timeframe of 2050 more difficult, more general “visions” for 2050.

    Moreover, the Strategy builds on the commitment already voted by CER and UIC EU members in 2008 to commit to a sector-wide cut of 30% specific emissions from rail traction over the 1990-2020 period. [...]

    AuthorUIC - Sustainable Development Department

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