Railway revitalization in Africa - destination 2040

Railway revitalization in Africa - destination 2040
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Ed. no.1 , October 2013
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    Although the African continent has recorded, since 2000, continuous
    economic growth levels of about 5% which place it at the heart of global
    stakes for the future, social challenges are still daunting with reference
    to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).
    Considering only transport infrastructures which show a chronic deficit,
    the 2013-2014 WEF report on global economic competitiveness
    attributed to African countries an average rating barely exceeding 3.28
    over 7 showing a clear lag behind compared to the other regions of the
    world. Due to the continent's dynamics, its urbanization and
    demographic dividend, there are increasing mobility needs and this
    situation is therefore likely to deteriorate.
    This means that the continent's socio-economic take-off inevitably
    depends on the quality of transport infrastructures to be developed.
    One of these is the railway which, thanks to its intrinsic assets, could
    represent a key development and economic integration vector. Its
    revival is required to serve the growing needs of eco-mobility.
    In this context, we have designed a new strategy with the objective of
    revitalizing the railway in Africa by the horizon of 2040. Thanks to a
    participative approach and an effective involvement of railway experts
    representing the different regions, a new roadmap has become a reality
    It is based on five guiding axes elaborated after a detailed diagnosis
    and divided into levers then shares in order to materialize this
    strategy in the best conditions.
    We therefore invite you to discover this renovated approach as
    well as the content of the structuring prospective plan, supported
    by an appropriate steering system to empower the various
    stakeholders and follow its implementation.
    Naturally, whereas substantive work has been done to develop this
    new strategic vision, it goes without saying that its operational
    incubation requires a strong mobilization and a consequent
    involvement of all stakeholders.
    We are firmly committed to make this strategic plan a dynamic tool
    as decided at the moment of its validation by the AR in Morocco in
    late 2012, which has given birth to the "CALL OF TANGER" by
    which the railway African community commits to work in order to
    make this ambitious project alive.
    We rely on our strong common mobilization, our perseverance, our
    conviction and our determination to win the bet of the future and
    write together a new page for the railway in Africa.
    Tomorrow starts today. We must now seize this opportunity!


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