DIOMIS. Workpackage A1 - Trends in domestic combined transport

DIOMIS. Workpackage A1 - Trends in domestic combined...

DIOMIS. Workpackage A1 - Trends in domestic combined transport

Format : Paper document
March 2007
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    The report analyses the current trend in domestic Combined Transport and establishes a forecast for demand with a 2015 time frame in the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The co-ordinated results concerning the development of the volumes of domestic CT have then been used to calculate the impact on the utiliisation of rail and terminal infrastructure. The results of this investigation together with the results of the "UIC Capacity Study 2004" (which looked at international combined transport) have been put together in this report to produce an overall picture of the utilisation of rail capacity in the selected countries and on trans-European corridors.

    AuthorUIC - Freight Department

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