DIOMIS.Final report Work package A11: "Report on Combined Transport in Europe 2005"

DIOMIS.Final report Work package A11: "Report on...

DIOMIS.Final report Work package A11: "Report on Combined Transport in Europe 2005"

Format : Paper document
January 2007
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    Between the AT Kearney Study in the late 1980’s and the recent UIC "Capacity Study" 15 years had passed during which there was no overview of combined transport in Europe as concerns the actual volume of overall combined transport shipments, the development of market structures and the assessment of future developments. The "Capacity Study" showed an important need for such material to steer political, infrastructure and strategic decisions, and to facilitate further growth of combined transport in Europe. The objective of the current report is to provide an update on combined transport in Europe starting in 2006 (2005 statistics). The report gives an assessment of the combined transport situation in Europe and give updated information on: combined transport volumes stakeholders market shares and market structure highlights of the period under review expected developments for the next period. It is envisaged to update the report every other year.

    AuthorUIC - Freight Department

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