Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Overhead Contact Lines interoperability assessment

Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Overhead...

Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Overhead Contact Lines interoperability assessment

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Edition no.1
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    1st edition, 2016-9

    This IRS was drawn up to provide all railways with guidelines for better management of the OCL interoperability assessment in order to achieve an homogeneous application of the relevant TSI Energy and Cenelec related Standard.
    It collects all the information needed for performing tests and measurements on the OCL in order to assess geometric, mechanic and dynamic parameters both for the commissioning of new lines and the scope for maintenance.
    This IRS deals mainly with OCL-related aspects. For the quality assessment of current collection for  the commissioning of new lines, the adoption of an interoperable pantograph is assumed.  
    This IRS is linked to other leaflets prepared by the same UIC group of experts and published by the UIC on maintenance guidelines, diagnosis aspects, workers' safety, evaluation of incidents and earthing systems for tunnels in the railway energy systems, such as:
    • IRS 70014 “Maintenance guidelines for overhead contact lines”, which defines the main parameters to be checked and observed and the maintenance activities to be carried out in order to ensure the expected OCL performance.
    • IRS 70015 “Diagnosis of the OCL conditions”, which provides information on the diagnostic systems in order to characterise the behaviour of the OCL in static or dynamic conditions
    • IRS 70016 “Safety measures to be adopted when working on or nearby overhead contact lines”, which provides guidelines for improving the safety of the personnel working on or in the vicinity of OCLs;
    • IRS 70017 “Evaluation of incidents on the railway energy systems”, which provides guidelines for the evaluation of energy system incidents based on uniform criteria and common objectives;
    • IRS 70018 “Emergency earthing of the OCL in tunnel”, which provides guidelines for the earthing systems and procedures for safety in the tunnel;
    The leaflet can be applied to all  systems operating at the following voltages (according to [9]):
    • 1,5 kV and 3 kV dc;
    • 15 kV ac;
    • 25 kV ac and 2 x 25 kV ac.


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